I've been asked many times, "Why should I use your services over someone else's?" This question is best answered by my clients. A happy client does all of the selling for me.

Actual Statements From Clients

  • “Skylar Design was able to implement our suggestions and help us achieve our goals through an impressive knowledge of fonts, CSS and web design. Justin is a true professional; easy to work with, enthusiastic, and reliable. We were not disappointed.”

    - Dennis Elder, Editor


  • “We have always been able to discuss our marketing objectives with Justin and he consistently comes back to us with an approach that works on all levels from navigation to search engine optimization. I feel like Justin is truly invested in the success of our company and has helped us to convey our message successfully through our distinct design and strategic development. So while there are many companies who can produce a pretty site, I feel we get a great site that is rooted in a top-notch marketing approach."

    - Stacie Errera, Chief Marketing Officer


  • “If I send Justin something to post or update, it is a rare time when it isn't done with same-day service and efficiency. And of course, his billing and accounting records are scrupulously accurate and available."

    - Dr. John Stanko, Founder & President


  • “I've known Justin for more than ten years now. I worked beside him every day for a year and every one of those days, witnessed him as he dedicated himself to learning his craft and strove for excellence in everything he did. I watched him refuse to cut corners in his work, but more importantly, over the years, I got to know a man who genuinely cares about the welfare of his friends and family and his fellow human beings. Justin is talented, dedicated, and an expert in the field of web development. I count it an honor and a privilege to know him and to have worked with him and I highly recommend him to anyone who values excellence and integrity.”

    - Patrick Wright, Creative Director


  • “I found two or three sites that I thought were great and discovered that Skylar did them all...I know that when I put my name in Google, it's the first name that pops up...If there was a problem it was fixed that day. I couldn't be happier with the service. When professional people see the site, I always get a compliment and that is good for my business.”

    - Julie Salzano, Actress


  • “Justin has a knack for taking limited information from clients and creating several options to meet their needs. And that is exactly what he did with us when we were rebranding and looking for a new logo and website design. Justin has a great skill at sensing just what we wanted and needed.”

    - Rob Newton, Director of Finances


  • “We were way behind schedule on the redesign of our web site and we also needed training services. After obtaining quotes from several companies we chose Skylar Design. Justin Agoglia, President of Skylar Design, demonstrated reliability and integrity throughout the whole process. He made Herculean efforts to get our web project completed quickly. We will continue to use the services of Skylar Design. I highly recommend the company.”

    - James E. Murphy, Associate Dean of Administration


  • “Justin's knowledge and understanding of web design and more importantly, his ability to explain it in layman’s terms enabled us to design and develop a web site that we are proud of.”

    - Barry D. Zalk, CPA


  • “Justin's professional management of my site always left me very comfortable that if I had any concerns, they were dealt with immediately and to my complete satisfaction. He is truly a specialist in his field in addition to being a gentleman. I would highly recommend his services.”

    - Edward Wesche, Owner

    Wesche Funeral Home

  • “In 2009, I started my not for profit, New Beginnings Community Center and Justin has been an integral part of New Beginnings from the start. Aside from helping to brand my organization, Justin designed and now maintains our website for my organization, a website that I am complimented on regularly. Justin has gone above and beyond his job by answering questions beyond the scope of website design and explains (in detail) complex concepts in simple ways I can understand also. Justin is a loyal professional that has looked out for the best interests of my organization and I will continue to recommend his superior services to my friends, family, and colleagues.”

    - Allyson Scerri, President & CEO


  • “The cost was slightly higher than some of the other designers, but well worth the difference as evidenced by the positive feedback from my patients.”

    - Edwin S. Epstein, MD, President

    Stuart Medical Group

  • “Web designers are 'a-dime-a-dozen,' but they are not all the same as I have discovered! Justin Agoglia (Skylar Design) has demonstrated a high level of expertise and market awareness which has benefited our organization in so many ways. His commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and unquestionable integrity and reliability keeps me coming back for more. I have recommended Skylar's services to many and never hesitate to give them an A+!”

    - Bobby Hill, Founder/Director


  • “It really is remarkable when I stop to think about the impact that launch has had on my modest little business. Justin held my hand through the whole process and introduced me to so much of what I now think of as commonplace in my day-to-day dealings on-line. I consider myself very fortunate to have fallen into the hands of an exemplary web design firm like Skylar Design who have far exceeded my expectations of what my website could do for me.”

    - Claire Jannuzzi, Founder


  • “Skylar Design delivered a product that met all of our requirements and ahead of schedule. Justin was great to work with, the code is fast, and we have found it to be incredibly flexibly as we have made changes over time. We have also found features in the web site that exceeded our requirements.”

    - Gary D. Levine, President and Founder

    Two Step Software, Inc.

  • “When I met you, I was literally throwing away money on printed advertising with practically no results. During the poor economic turn that we all found ourselves dealing with, I saw many small businesses around me just like mine shut down. Not only was I able to remain in business, but I was able to see an increase in my customer volume during a slow economy. Since its launch, our web presence has been attracting all the right attention (The NY Times, NY Newsday, Verizon, etc.).”

    - Ana C. Mocete, Founder

    In the Mood Coffee & Ice Cream