Long Island, NY Accounting Firm Gets A Fresh Look

Huntington, NY – It was 2004 and Skylar Design had just delivered their first round of compositions to Mr. Barry Zalk, founding partner at Zalk and Zalk. The designs had a nice conservative presentation, were current, and stood out from the average CPA website. And having been around for more than half a century, the accounting firm has long been known for providing quality accounting services to individuals and small businesses.

With their history and reputation, we wanted to communicate that consistent message throughout the designs. All-in-all, the designs seemed to match the organization. Little did we know, however, that Mr. Zalk wanted a totally different look. Although he liked the new proposed designs, he wanted something that reflected a natural setting – such as waterfalls, rivers, mountains, etc. So Skylar went back to the drawing board and designed an entirely new set of designs. The new designs became the trademark look for the Zalk and Zalk website.

For the past four and a half years, the site has served the firm quite well. The Zalk and Zalk website moved from having poor search results to very high returns, particularly for specific keywords in Google's engine. The site was also given high reviews by one of the leading web developers in the industry.

Website Redesign Version 3

We’ve all heard the Chinese proverb, “if it ain’t broke, don’t touch it.” At Skylar, we don't accept leaving things as unless we know it's serving our client's clients and meeting their communicated objectives. And through ongoing discussions with our clients, we constantly examine how we can better serve them. In this specific situation, Skylar revisited the original Zalk and Zalk project and suggested a new design for the firm, one that still imbued the natural look but now had more of a magazine layout. We also wanted to write entirely new code that lends itself to 2009 web standards. At Skylar, we strive to write the best XHTML and CSS2 and CSS3 code, meeting current industry specifications.

Although the site is not a large one, we're pleased to unveil the new Zalk and Zalk website.