Skylar Design Gives Hope to the Funeral Home Industry

In June, I was posed with a new creative challenge. In the eleven years I've been designing and building websites, this was my very first funeral home project. I always love a new first. My initial thought for this project was, "how do I create a site that doesn’t feel morbid but conveys a strong sense of genuine regard for those hurting and offers hope?" For clients seeking these personal services for their loved ones or just making preparations, this isn't an easy subject to broach. But it’s part of the human experience we must face every single day. [Read entire article]

IEEE Online Store Designs Completed

Completion of 12 e-store comp designs were finalized and submitted to IEEE Computer Society, the world's largest membership organization for computer professionals.

Another Facelift for Tamron With Creative Direction from Skylar Design

When it comes to camera lenses, Tamron is the leader worldwide. They have consistently created lenses that most professionals use as their preferred lens of choice. Recently, Skylar Design was called upon to redesign the upper third of their highly trafficked photo landing page. Learn more about the challenges and solutions that were implemented. [Read entire article]

Skylar Design Recognized for Work in Field

Skylar Design Selected WHO'S WHO of Worldclass Business Leaders. The award is recognized by professionals who hold knowledge & experience in their respective field, demonstrate a commitment to excellence, and seek career advancement or enhancement.

Skylar Design Called Upon To Develop XHTML/CSS Templates

In 2009, Dionex Corporation contracted with Skylar Design to help them with their website redesign campaign. Their web development team already had the skills to redesign and develop the site, but they specifically needed a firm who had the expertise in writing the core site structure, all while abiding by W3C and current programming standards. [Read entire article]

New Designs Created for IEEE Community

Whenever I get the chance to design something new, I'm thrilled because of the potential it has to impact many people. After working with the IEEE team for some time now, one of the added benefits of that ongoing relationship is a greater understanding of the people groups we're trying to target. This has a huge impact on how I design as I'm continually thinking about how those users will use that site. My most recent project with IEEE is the creation of designs for their Instant Communities.

Creation of Digital Library Designs

IEEE Computer Society asks Skylar Design to redesign seven new template designs for their new online digital library.

Skylar Design Recognized at 36th Annual BOLI Awards

Every year, the Long Island Advertising Club, Inc. (LIAC) brings together the very best work from the Long Island marketing and communications community. With nearly a 1,000 entries from scores of agencies, the competition is strong, but it's a night everyone never forgets. It's been said that the event is very much like the Long Island Oscars, except the focus is the best in marketing and advertising. [Read entire article]