Skylar Design Featured in Showcase Gallery

The Skylar Design website was accepted into the Kreative Showcase Gallery - a showcase of only well-designed websites from around the world.

Skylar Design Featured in Online Web Gallery

The Skylar Design website is added to Design Addict - a gallery of inspirational and stunning websites.

Skylar Design Chosen Among some of the Best Firms

A website that reviews and selects only the best web design and development firms across the globe, Skylar Design is honored to be included in this exclusive list by Fresher Style. I'm truly honored to be included. Thank you.

Justin Agoglia Makes Who's Who

Principal Justin Agoglia from Skylar Design makes the Cambridge Who's Who Registry Among Executives and Professionals.

Skylar Design Award's Page Reaches Milestone

I want to personally thank all evaluators, design judges, and colleagues who have reviewed my work and ever considered it for public display. In my opinion, there are far better designers and programmers out there who surpass my work. I still see myself as a student looking to learn from some of the world's best. Today, I reached a milestone as I added the 100th website to my awards/recognition page. These are exclusive websites that have added Skylar Design to its repertoire of already outstanding CSS websites. Thank you We Heart Design for including Skylar Design within your showcase of premier websites.

Another Site Recognizes Skylar Design

CSS Deluxe adds Skylar Design to their online CSS portfolio

CSS Gallery Site Features Skylar Design

CSSDose selects Skylar Design as one of their showcase sites to feature in their CSS gallery. CSSDose is a gallery of well designed websites from all around the world, featuring the best CSS & Flash designs on the web.

French Website Recognizes Skylar Design for Outstanding CSS Work

The French website Z-Index adds Skylar Design to its collection of CSS sites. Their aim is to reference beautiful sites that support web standards. Therefore, to be included in their CSS gallery, a site must be beautiful and well-coded.

Long Island, NY Accounting Firm Gets A Fresh Look

Zalk and Zalk, a Huntington, NY accounting firm, allows Skylar Design to redesign its website. Wanting to stay away from the any accounting sterotypes, Mr. Barry Zalk, founding partner, wanted something that reflected the trust and integrity his clients have while using their services. [Read more]

Skylar Design Recognized for Its CSS Work

According to We Love CSS, their "gallery website shows well designed websites based on (valid) CSS." After review, Skylar Design was selected to be in their gallery.

UK Website Selects Skylar Design

Skylar Design added to CSS gallery website CSS Garden. Thank you.

Skylar Design gets nominated to 101 Best Websites

A new showcase site based out of the UK features the best of CSS, Flash, xHTML and design based websites across the world. It's an honor to be included among some of the worlds best designers/programmers.

Non-Profit Organization on Long Island Making a Difference in the TBI Community

With nothing of it's kind on Long Island, NY, New Beginnings Community Center is slated to begin construction of its state of the art rehabilitation center in 2010 for patients facing traumatic brain injuries (TBI). New Beginning uses Skylar's design and development services to help raise awareness and support for this substantial undertaking. [Read more]

Skylar Design brings keen eye for easier navigation to Tamron website

Tamron is a leading manufacturer of lenses and optical components for photographic, industrial, laboratory, video, digital and scientific applications. Among Tamron’s chief priorities is helping its customers—from amateur to seasoned photographers—choose the right lens products to succeed creatively. Maintaining an interactive, resource-rich website is a must in meeting customer needs. [Read more]

CSS Fury Adds Skylar Design to their Gallery

Collecting from the best sources around the web, CSS Fury is a premier CSS gallery website showcasing high quality web designs. Skylar Design is now part of ther CSS gallery.

CSS Gallery Includes Skylar Design As Some of its most Luxurious Sites on the Web

CSS Luxury is a design gallery of the most luxurious web site designs on the web. I'm honored that Skylar Design was selected to be at part of their gallery! The CSS Luxury site was particularly developed with the purpose of raising the standards in web site design. With four main categories to choose from (type/color/structure/style), it's hard not to be inspired.

Another Gallery Adds Skylar Design

The Skylar Design website gets added to the CSS Pose gallery. Their website showcases some of the world’s best designed websites (Flash & CSS) from around the world. 

Site that Keeps the Bar High Includes Skylar Design

It's wonderful to be judged for your visual work and then get included in award winning website galleries. However, it's refreshing to find websites that focus primarily on your written code. Your Site is Valid looks for sites that have good, quality code. Their aim is "to pick only w3c valid websites, followed by accessibility guide lines, and using good semantic code." I'm honored Skylar Design is part of this group.

Skylar Design Included in Web Based Project

After careful review and testing, Skylar Design is included in The Web Based Project (TWBP). According to TWBP, "not all submissions are accepted, as we are really focusing on Quality over Quantity." The project focuses on the best resources for web masters, web designers around the world; and showcases the best quality designed websites through their inspirational CSS gallery.

"CSS Gallery" includes Skylar Design as one of their featured websites

Located in Nepal, CSS CSS Gallery showcases web designer’s creative CSS / XHTML web designs from across the globe.

Dzinemart selects Skylar Design as one their showcased websites

Dzinemart is a CSS website gallery that focuses on providing a wide range of well-designed CSS & W3C standard websites from around the world. As stated on their site, "promoting best sites is our main aim where quality is the most important criteria."

Skylar Design Honored By The American Design Awards

Skylar Design receives award and honored by The American Design Awards. Based out of San Diego, CA, The American Design Awards (ADA) is among the top internationally recognized design awards organizations, and perhaps the most popular independent awards organization globally with more than 35,000 submissions annually. American Design Awards' mission is to educate designers regarding the importance of upholding ethical design and business practices. [Read more]

The Skylar Design Website Gets Published at QNT

The Skylar Design website gets published on QNT (quandtnet) portal site, a selection of digital art magazines and great inspirational web sites. According to QNT, the site showcases "websites/ their webmasters, with outstanding appearance, new ideas and a successful perfection, lent."

Website That Features Sites Worldwide Includes Skylar Design

Selected Webdesign, a directory of interesting and/or well designed websites from around the world, adds Skylar to their gallery.