Skylar Design Added to CSSArts December Gallery

CSSArts presents some of the best websites on the web using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and XHTML. They feature valid CSS and well-designed CSS based websites from around the world. According to their website, "every month we are choosing the best website made using CSS. We are checking not only the look and feel, and users votes but also the source code (CSS/XHTML)." I'm honored to be chosen among some of the finest developers.

Skylar Design Creates Website for VA Based Home Care Company

Having a presence that reaches the Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland region, Cheerway Care, Inc. sought the services of Skylar Design to rebrand their brand. [Read more]

One of the Oldest "Best of" Online Galleries Endorses Skylar Design

CoolHomepages has been an important web designer's resource since 1998. Focused on remarkable homepage site design, they are the oldest and largest "Best Web Site Designs" gallery online. I'm honored that CoolHomePages has endorsed Skylar Design by adding the corporate site into this gallery.

German Web Design Agency Recognizes Skylar Design

The German web and design agency (, which specializes in building modern websites, includes Skylar Design's website in their gallery.

Skylar Design Added to Boxed CSS Gallery

Boxed CSS, a website gallery that showcases the best in cutting edge CSS based websites, features Skylar Design in their exclusive gallery.

Skylar Designs Life-Coaching Website

Focus in Coaching is a service designed for more than talking back and forth with someone. It's about embarking on a powerful adventure of self-discovery with a trusted guide. For Focus in Coaching Founder and Director Larry Warren, it's also about the great possibility of unleashing his clients' untapped potential and the resulting fulfillment. [Read more]

Another Site Features Skylar Design's Work

Skylar Design is added to the CSS Showcase website - a gallery of CSS websites built in web 2.0 with a great design.

Skylar Design Distinguished as Best Web Award Winner

With new websites entering cyberspace everyday, the demand for bigger and better sites has come. Skylar Design, named a 2008 international winner of the Best Web Award by DesignFirms, has proven itself as a top web designer. [Read more]

Nationally Recognized "Hero" Response Team Stretches Web Vision, Expands Reach

The First Response Team of America, a self-funded, nonprofit cleanup crew that provides immediate help to areas hit by disasters. Since May 2007, Tad Agoglia's team with its arsenal of heavy equipment has helped thousands of victims across the United States – free of charge. [Read more]

CSS/XHTML Gallery Features Skylar Design

Skylar gets included in Design Snack's CSS/XHTML Design Team gallery.

Skylar Design Helps Spread the Purpose Revolution

Since 1991, John Stanko has been involved as a teacher, author, consultant and coach in the purpose revolution that is sweeping the world. Known as a forward thinker with a keen eye, direct approach and passion for purpose, he founded PurposeQuest in 2001 to expand his influence in offering personal and leadership development both to individuals and organizations worldwide. [Read more]

CSS Star features Skylar Design's Website

As stated off their website, "Our main goal is to highlight the BEST sites, ideas or designs made, respecting quality standards.

Skylar Design gets Recognized in France

Skylar Design gets featured off the French gallery website CSS Design.

Skylar Design Recognized for Outstanding Design

RGB Garden is purely a design based web gallery and web designers community. What sets them apart from other gallery sites is that they showcase websites based on designs only; CSS Standards are secondary. Skylar Design is honored to be featured based upon our distinct look and feel.

Skylar Design Showcased in CSS Gallery's Inspirational Gallery

A website that tracks and highlights design trends, CSS Trend features the Skylar Design site in their inspirational gallery.

Skylar Design Inspires and Gets Counted

CSS Count "adds" Skylar Design as one of their latest picks. (oh, and no pun intended).

Skylar Design Recognized Among Long Islands Best

Skylar Design was acknowledged among the best on Long Island at this years BOLI35 Awards, earning recognition in the category of Best Self Promotion Site. This was the first year Skylar participated in the annual event hosted by the Long Island Ad Club. [Read more]

Skylar Design's Latest Work Get's Promoted at CNN

Skylar Design's latest project, The First Response Team of America website, gets featured on CNN Heroes.

An Appreciation for Keeping the Standards High

With very high selection standards, CSS Bag includes Skylar Design as part of their exclusive CSS gallery. In essence they share, "The websites sent to our gallery are published after they are examined by our professional editors and, as appropriate, we take care to be objective. With content being the source of inspiration for web designers, we cannot accept every site as you can appreciate."

Skylar Recognized for Inspirational Work

Nice Stylesheet is a Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) gallery that recognizes inspirational website designs practicing use of CSS and web standards. Skylar was recently selected as part of their online community.

Two More CSS Site Feature Skylar Design

CSS Lounge & CSS FreshBlend recognize Skylar's work and feature the Skylar Design website in their galleries.

Skylar Redesigns Long Island Towing & Transporting Company

Local towing and transport company asks Skylar Design to redesign their website. Learn about the process Skylar undertook to redesign T & G Transport's website. [Read more]

European CSS gallery website Recognizes Skylar Design's Work

CssGlance is the first Italian website focused on providing its audience with a database of well designed and innovative CSS based websites from all around the world.

Two more Sites Evaluate Skylar Design's Work

Offering their audience with well-designed websites from across the globe, Mabucplus & CSS Loggia add Skylar Design as part of their exclusive collection.

Portfolio Site Looks to Showcase Company & Freelance Work

Creative and Link is an online gallery, showcasing ONLY personal and company portfolios or websites just presenting their work. Skylar Design was recently added into their gallery.

Presentation, experience, & Coding: Skylar Design Excelled in all Three Categories

CSS Genius (a.k.a. 3W CSS) provides a wide range of well designed CSS based & standard compliant websites from around the world. The site was created to showcase sites that meet three specific criteria's: visual presentation, user experience, and site coding. Skylar Design met those standards and now included in their gallery.

Candidate Seeking District Judge Seat Has Skylar Develop His Official Campaign Site

It's almost impossible to turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or browse your local newspaper or favorite website and not hear or see an advertisement about someone running for office. Those currently seeking the presidency have been traveling from state to state sharing their values, communicating their policies, and meeting with as many people as possible with the hope of gaining their support. For most Americans, this can be an arduous challenge as they must decipher what is really the truth. [Read more]

UK Gallery Website Adds Skylar Design to Their Exclusive Gallery

Design Shack, a UK website showcasing some of the best CSS designs on the web, officially accepts the new Skylar Design website in their exclusive gallery. As stated off their site, "We only offer the cream of great design, filtering through lots of the redesigns that occur every day across the Internet, and cataloging the greatest projects out there."

Pest Control Website to the Rescue

Skylar creates new website for a pest control company in Quogue, NY. View the newly created Hampton Pest Control website.