Skylar Design's Worked Featured on CNBC

Skylar Design's latest project featured on CNBC's Squawk Box. Learn more about all the recent buzz around the You Be the VC contest and Skylar's role in the project. [Read more]

Technology Company Targets Long Island Region With New Website

After meeting with President, Tim Steffens II of Home Technology Services, Inc., it was clear as to what his objectives were, who he was trying to connect with, and the specialized services he offered his clients. Having years of experience running a company of over 250 employees, Mr. Steffens shared that he learned one important lesson: focus on building relationships with your employees and clients, no matter what your position is within your organization. At HTC, Mr. Steffens works at developing relationships at the onset of every project and plans on continuing those relationships after his work is finished. [Read more]

Agency Reaches Out to Skylar Design

Telecommunications and Advertising Agency (Chaz Taylor) looks to Skylar Design for specific web development work.

Skylar Design Gets It's Third Makeover

Having an online presence since 2001, Skylar Design has been entirely revamped. From the code to the overall presentation, this is the third major redesign. [Read more]

Skylar Design Develops Site for Search and Rescue Industry

K9 Search and Rescue Certification Emergency Response Training, Inc. (K9 SAR CERT) launches stage one of their new website. Their goals are to provide funding, training & resources to advance the volunteer K9 and handler movement.

Disaster Recovery Solutions First Response Team Launches Blog Website

Disaster Recovery Solutions First Response Team launches blog website to communicate the needs of those going through a natural disaster. The DSR First Response Team is already getting recognized for its volunteer work during the recent Greensburg, Kansas natural disaster. The new blog site, although earlier in its stages, is already being used to capture the heart of those going through this traumatic experience and share how others can help volunteer their time and money to assist those in need. Discussion are already underway about creating a website.

National Coaching Organization Selects Skylar Design to Develop Their First Website

In the 1980's, the business world focused on management and how managers could better manage their team members. In the 90's, the buzz word was "leadership." Much research was dedicated to this subject in order to better understand the nature/nurture debate, that is, whether leaders are simply born with a genetic bent or if leadership is something that can be learned. Hundreds of books were published during that decade just on this specific topic. [Read more]

Skylar Design Creates First Photography Website

When opportunities arise at Skylar to step out and embark on a totally different project, one that we've never tackled before, it's exciting to see the end result. In all the years we've been developing websites, this is our very first professional photography website. [Read more]

Virginia Consulting Firm Gets New Image From Skylar Design

In late spring of 2006, The Hill Consulting Group (THCG), a Virginia based consulting firm, contacted Skylar Design to discuss their new company and their need for strategic marketing. Having already completed the branding of all their collateral materials, it was time to address their website. [Read more]

Company Hires Skylar Design to Code Newly Redesigned Site

Two Step Software, providing legal markets with the most comprehensive corporate governance and stock plan administration solutions for law firms, corporate legal departments and stock plan administrators, asks Skylar Design to take their newly created graphic designs and custom build the XHTML and CSS code. In addition, Skylar created a custom CSS menu system to access more content from their homepage.