Skylar Design Featured in British Responsive Web Gallery

When I began reading about responsive web design (RWD), I could understand it conceptually but practically, it seemed like a herculean approach to developing websites. Truth be told, RWD does take a lot more time and planning, and a lot more code. But in the end, the challenges outweigh the positive experiences created for our users. Yesterday, I was notified that Responsive Showcase selected Skylar Design as one of their featured websites. What makes this site distinct from most other galleries is the ample attention given to each site selected. Where most galleries use small thumbnails to display as many sites as possible on a given page, Responsive Showcase uses large visuals to show how each site appears in both large and small contexts. And to give that personal touch, the curator points out specific details which makes the site unique and worthy to be included in this collection. A special thank you to Responsive Showcase for graciously including me among such gifted artists. [Visit Gallery]

Skylar Design Added to Best CSS Gallery Site

It feels like I've been working with CSS for ages now and it's been exciting to see the transformation this language has made over the years. Best CSS contacted me to share the Skylar Design website has been featured in their exclusive CSS gallery. According to their site, their "mission is to discover, recognize and promote the talent and effort of web designers, developers and agencies who create unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive and beautiful. Best CSS has a high level of acceptance and it attracts recognition worldwide." I never know what to say except thank you. [Visit Gallery]

Skylar Design Added to United Kingdom Web Design Gallery

I was just notified that the Skylar Design website has been featured on the beautiful UK CSS Garden gallery. The gallery showcases original website designs from around the world and is a source of inspiration for designers and developers looking for latest design trends. The site also allows one to see how other professionals address current web challenges with modern solutions, such as responsive and mobile design and advanced CSS and JavaScript. [Visit Gallery]

Skylar Design Added to Yet Another CSS Gallery

CSS Light uses their platform to showcase and promote new talents and trends in the world of design. Their primary focus is with sites that have unique skills in aesthetics, creativity, presentation, and coding. I'm honored the new Skylar Design site has been included in their gallery. [Visit Gallery]

Skylar Design Added to British Design Gallery

I'm happy to share that the redesigned Skylar Design website has been added to the CSS Design Yorkshire gallery. [Visit Gallery]

Skylar Design Nominated for CSS Award

The newly redesigned Skylar Design website has been nominated by the French Design Index Gallery. Although they primarily feature French web designers, they also feature other global sites they deem worthy to be included for their gallery. [Visit Gallery]

New Site Nominated for CSS Gallery

Skylar Design has been nominated and included in the CSSA website gallery. [Visit Gallery]

Tamron USA Expands With User Demands

It has been a pleasure to work with the Tamron marketing team for several years now. Each year is filled with new opportunities to reach a larger audience as new products are rolled out. Last month, I was asked to re-create two pages for them: events and product. Both pages currently exist but now they have larger widths and offer far more functionality for their customers with the help of jQuery.

The Big Unveil

The day has finally arrived and the new Skylar Design website is live. I can't tell you how great it feels to have this project completed after working on this in between other projects.

HTML E-Newsletter Designed

At the start of every year, New Beginnings Community Center goes into high gear as they prepare for all their fundraising events and ultimately their annual gala. In January, I was asked to design a HTML e-newsletter for their February fundraising event at Martha Clara's Vineyard in Riverhead, NY. This year, country singer Ricky Lee will be hosting the event to help raise awareness and support for those facing a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Here is the piece I designed for them. [View E-newsletter]

Copy writing for Ad Campaign

I've had the pleasure of working with Mt. Pleasant Cemetery since 2006. My work with them has always been designing or developing web sites. But in December, I was asked to do something entirely different - copy writing. My primary role was to write the copy for three ads they launched in the month of January. Mt. Pleasant has already reported the ads have proven to be very successful and worth the investment.