IEEE Computer Society Reaches out to Skylar Design To Tackle More Redesign Challenges

It has been a pleasure to work with the IEEE Computer Society team on several redesign projects. With such a broad and diverse people group to target, the challenges were plentiful as each project had its own set of requirements. Careful thought was given to every aspect of the projects, plus they had to be delivered on very tight schedules. Over the span of many months, I redesigned several major regions of their site: Career Watch, Blogs, Certifications and Training, Jobs Board, Career Tools, and Build Your Career. It has been an exciting time to be on the creative side of these projects and work with such talented people at the society.

Tamron USA Decides to Rebrand Their Homepage

With a company like Tamron USA, change is considered the norm. Just as new lenses are constantly released so must their website continually adjust to their client needs. On this project, I was specifically asked to redesign and program the company homepage. Specific areas that had to be included with the new design were: a place to highlight new products, current specials, a clear pathway to the two main divisions of Tamron USA (Photo Lenses and Industrial Optics), news for both divisions, and a new social media component. Thank you Tamron for allowing me to work with you on this project. View the new Tamron USA homepage.

Skylar Design Designs Four More Pieces To IEEE Store

When you think about it, design is never a truly finished product. Someone's art can always be improved upon. Recently, the IEEE Computer Society asked that I design four more store designs. I appreciate their passion to "get it right" the first time. As they received feedback from their members, it was essential to take that information and improve upon the work that had already been done. I love clients who have their clients first in mind. And besides I love to design!

Additional Changes to the Tamron Website Helps Serve its Visitors

As changes are made to improve accessibility to content, Tamron asked that I improve their ability for their users to print out their content. Now clients have an even great way to print their content if they choose to instead of reading it on the screen.