Getting Closer

I apologize it's taken some time to post a recent update. For the past four months, I've been focused on new client work and that will always take priority. The good news, however, is that the site is now coded and I'm finalizing the copy. So we're near the end and I'm excited to unveil the new Skylar Design website with all those that have been following me over the years. I'll have more to share after the launch.

Thanks to all who Shared their Feedback

I want to thank everyone I reached out to for their constructive feedback wit

h the new mockups. After months of ongoing changes and many early mornings and late evenings, having your insights made these designs even stronger. I'm currently coding the new documents and starting to see the light at the end of what has felt like a very long tunnel.

Review of April & May

I am happy to share the designs are primarily finished. Currently, they are being reviewed by advisors and colleagues I've come to trust for well over a decade now. Their feedback is invaluable and always welcomed. I will say that in all the years I've been at this, this project has already been the biggest one (creatively) I've ever undertaken.

Review of February

February has been a month of clarification, both in design and in content. It's similiar to an experience I had while I was a teenager. While in Arizona with family, I recall driving on a road for such a long time. There were miles and miles of flat terrain and there appeared to be nothing in site. But at some point, our destination became clearer. That's exactly where I'm at with the iteration process. The new designs are getting refined by the hour and pleased by what I see.

January Update With the Website Redesign

I gathered all my thoughts and categorized them into clear sections. The moodboard is filled with some fresh ideas. I find this very helpful when trying to narrow my focus with any project.

Updates Postoned Until New Site is Launched

FYI: I've decided not to showcase any new work on the current website and that includes all news updates. The only posts I'll be sharing will be related to the status of the redesign.

Immersed in HTML5, CSS3, & Responsive Design

Spent the past 6 months "swimming" in HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design. Well, maybe not swimming but it sure did feel like it. I now sign my name in syntax only. :-) With browser vendors improving their support for such technologies at such a rapid pace, the new site will be HTML5, CSS3, and responsive. Very excited!

The Skylar Redesign Begins

I'm finally setting aside time to focus on a new website for Skylar in 2012. I don't have a launch date yet but I can share that ideas are already underway. Very excited to unveil the new look later this year.